Myofascial Release Explained


Starting with the basics

Hello, my name is Dr. Goldeen and I have been using myofascial release to help people live their best life since 2011. Over the past ten years I have come to understand myofascial release as a treatment method that can help relax tight muscles and decrease pain. An easy way to understand this treatment method is the break the word “myofascial” into two parts: Myo and Fascia. First, “myo” which in Latin means muscle. Second, “fascia” which is a glue-like substance that helps attach the bones to the muscles and the muscles to the skin. Therefore, myofascial release is a treatment method that targets the fascia that is inside as well as around the muscles.

Why the fascia is important:

The fascia is a glue-like substance that is located around the muscles, bones, tendons, organs, skin, and spine. When the body becomes injured or develops inflammation this glue-like substance becomes less flexible. As a result, the restricted fascia starts to reduce the mobility nerves which can lead to irritation.  This irritation often is a  contributing reason that people start to experience pain. In addition to putting pressure on the nerves the tightening of the fascia can also reduce normal range of motion. In conclusion, the fascia is both a connective tissues but also acts as a lubricating substance that can be a contributing source of pain and dysfunction in the body.

Myofascial Release as Treatment:

Over the past ten years Dr. Goldeen has found that patients get the best results with a style of myofascial release developed by John Barnes. This style of myofascial release uses a  very light, sustained stretching technique, which is applied to one area for anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. By applying a stretch for an extended period of time fascial connections and intersections reestablish proper ‘gliding and sliding’ relationships with the self’s as well as other structures in the body. The result, is less irritation on the nerves along with an increase range of motion joint rage of motion thus often reduced pain.

In Conclusion:

Myofascial release is a treatment method that targets fascia. This substance can cause pain by putting undue irritation on the nerves and limiting joints ability to move through the full range of motion. In Home Chiro use the John Barnes style  of facial release which can be applied for as long as 5 minutes. In Home Chiro combines chiropractic adjustments, myofascial release, exercise, and stretching during our treatments. These visits have helped many people live their best life.

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